Create new markets!

Selling on public streets and squares and on private land, e.g. Markets, folk festivals, company parties, stadiums, bus stations, on plots of department stores, train stations, cinemas, etc.

Self-employment that doesn't cost a lot.

Your capital investment is minimal - no expensive shop or stand rental, no long-term commitment to a point of sale, no expensive warehousing, minimal training time, free adoption of a functioning business concept, quick amortization of your investment

Grillwalker is always there where the bear is stepping.

The man in the grillwalker is the mobile cook. He reacts to changes in the crowd and is always right in the middle of it all. Just because of the direct offer on site, there is also a need: The cravings for a snack!

It doesn't always have to be bratwurst.

Put your individual product range together: Vegan food, superfood, corn on the cob, grilled cheese, merguez, vegetable pellets, vegetable skewers, zucchini pancakes - everything that can be fried briefly - there are no limits to your creativity. Let off steam with culinary delights!

The Grillwalker in action at Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

The Grillwalker in action

- at Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

"Stop a grillwalker or go to 'Konnopke's Imbiß' ..."

Germany is represented with six entries in the culinary travel guide "Ultimate Food Destinations - The Top 500 Specialties Worldwide and Where to Eat" by the well-known publisher "Lonely Planet". When it comes to sausage, the authors do not recommend Thuringia or Nuremberg as places to try, but Berlin!

Your steps to becoming a grillwalker

Health instruction or health pass is nowadays acquired through a 45 min film and 23 euros without an examination.
A travel business card can be purchased from the economic office for (different throughout Germany 50 - 125, - Euro).
In Berlin, for example, is enough. also only one business registration, after which the business commencement is communicated for 26, - Euro (trade regulation § 55 a para. 9).

We provide a CE type examination, which is viewed as a critical safety certificate. The Grillwalker can therefore be operated outdoors with no ifs or buts and throughout Europe! There is also a device label on the device with the exact CE type test number, a declaration of conformity from the manufacturer, operating instructions, a leak test with a label (valid for 2 years).

You should look for one or more locations where enough audience strolls past your point of sale. Locations where many commuters arrive or change are doing very well. In addition to public streets and squares, one should also consider asking private property owners for their permission. A percentage profit sharing would be an advantage here!

A change from several points of sale should also make sense if it serves the purpose of sales. The idea of ​​mobility should definitely be used as an advantage here! Move towards your clientele and don't wait for them! Being mobile is everything!

To work effectively, you should find a partner. While one sells, the other supplies him with supplies; Every one to two hours there is a replacement, because the grill is light and can be optimally carried with a carrying system, but you should allow yourself breaks for your health. In any case, that is our recommendation, but of course you can also do everything on your own.

You need a commercial space to store the food and the technology to clean the grill! You can have bread rolls and sausages delivered. The gas bottles last a day for 8-9 hours per grill and bottle. The filling can be carried out by propane gas companies, e.g. also sell camping gas. 2 kg = approx. 4.50 euros at the moment. You can buy mustard / ketchup napkins from wholesalers. You should have a trailer, minibus or transport bike available.

The grills should be test fired in the morning so that they work immediately on site! You win salespeople through advertisements in the labor market. The more motivated your salespeople are, the better their sales success!

Advantages at home and abroad:

The bureaucracy must also be defeated abroad. You should take a local on board as a consultant or even a partner. Something typical of the country's culinary art should be chosen as a means of sale. Healthy nutrition now plays a role worldwide. The peculiarities of the respective country, especially with regard to the location and choice of sales location, should be considered and inquired about. You can get help from a lawyer for administrative road law or from an IHK or AHK.

In general, here too, you should consider 3 questions: that of hygiene, that of the safety certificate and, last but not least, that of the possible sales location. Following our example, the first two questions shouldn't cause any problems. Unless you still need an additional technical examination in the respective country. In order to gain a foothold in the country, one could, for the sake of simplicity, take care of locations at already existing weekly markets. Here, too, you could immediately seek a sole sales right by qualifying as a distributor and purchasing 6 grillwalkers or more for a certain area and at the same time exercising this right for the next 2 years and extending it in the same way.

When you buy, you get the complete Grillwalker with straps, hip belt, gas bottle, horizontal grill, bottle rack - you only have to organize the goods themselves. Where do you want to start? Domestic or abroad? In DE there is still 19% VAT on top of that, which you get back as an entrepreneur and you can also claim the investment for tax purposes!

Packing and shipping from Germany to Mexico is about 800 USD. As soon as the money is in our account, the Grillwalker will go out to you the next day!

BUY NOW Do you have any questions? We are happy to help!

The GRILLWALKER even inspires artists!

The well-known Berlin musician, producer, DJ and live act duo "MODESELEKTOR" dedicate a track to the GRILLWALKER on their album "Monkeytown".


Grillwalker is probably the most economical square meter of sales area in the catering industry!

The Grillwalker

6,950 USD /  142,000 MXN 

Grillwalker complete including 1 gas bottle, horizontal grill, spit shield, backpack frame for the bottle, umbrella and umbrella pole, storage container, gas-carrying parts such as a burner loop, etc.


  • Operating instructions in German or English
  • A CE type test - safety certificate for all EU countries
  • A declaration of conformity from the manufacturer
  • 24 months warranty
  • Manufacturer's product liability


* Price incl. 19% VAT. The shipping costs from Germany amounts to 800, - USD, which are calculated plus. Deliveries outside of Germany will be charged according to the parcel service provider's current prices. Upon purchase, the customer accepts these conditions.