... is light, is technology, is safe, is certified.

Spartan, slimmed down, only the bare essentials, but at its best, a real eye-catcher!


The Grillwalker weighs 15.5 kg, which is optimally distributed over the hips, shoulders and back using a belt system. The gas bottle sits on your back, some supplies are stored in a storage container between the stomach and the grill.


  • Heavy duty burner loop
  • Category I3 B / P (commercially available butane / propane gas mixture - also called camping gas)
  • If there is too much wind, the thermocouple closes the gas supply
  • Nominal heat output 4.8 KW
  • Connection pressure 50 mbar, connection value 374g / h (maximum)
  • 2 kg gas bottle is enough for 8 hours
  • Use only permitted outdoors
  • All gas-carrying parts have a DIN-DVGW number (Dachverband Gas-Wasser)


A CE type test guarantees the safety of the Grillwalker. A mechanical safety valve interrupts the gas supply at an incline of 45 °, so that an uncontrolled escape of gas is prevented even in the event of a collision or weakness of the wearer. It also has a central emergency stop, which can be used to quickly and easily interrupt the gas supply in a dangerous situation. We are proud of it: There has never been an accident since 1997!


The Grillwalker complies with the basic requirements of the 90/396 EEC Gas Appliance Directive and has a CE type examination number E 3370. This means that the Grillwalker can be approved and placed on the market in all EU countries.

Grillwalker is a money machine!

And your investment is absolutely manageable.